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Friday, December 25, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

Merry Christmas! If you're reading this blog entry today, thank you. I do appreciate it. But stop reading now and go spend some time enjoying the holiday! *grin*

In honor of the holiday, today's Soundtrack Friday contains not one but two tracks. I had a difficult time narrowing things down to one song. There are so many touching and sentimental songs out there for the season and I have a healthy collection of Christmas music.

First, we have a soulful Christmas song from one of my musical icons of the 80s, Richard Page. While Richard isn't putting out albums at the moment, he did write and produce a song for the season back in 2008 and released it on You Tube and iTunes. I Always Cry At Christmas is a wonderful reminder of the wonder of this time of year.

As a special holiday bonus, we have Third Day and the song I Want To See Christmas Like A Child. Katie, this one's for you!


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