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Friday, June 11, 2010

Soundtrack Friday

It's my friend April's birthday today. Which makes today's Soundtrack Friday very easy indeed. One of April's favorite groups is Matchbox 20. I happen to really enjoy this group as well, though I will admit to not being quite as obsessed as April. For example, I haven't purchased the usb wrist bands from concerts that allow you to listen to the concernts...yet.

While I'm fairly certain April has told me her favorite MB20 songs, I have failed completely as a friend as I do not remember them. However, because today is all about April, and because she is a dear friend, here are several MB20 videos for your enjoyment.

April - I hope you enjoy your day! And I apologize the videos aren't completely clear. It was hard to find ones I could actually post. :)

Real World

Music Videos by VideoCure

How Far We've Come

Music Videos by VideoCure


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  1. YAY! matchbox twenty! The bar we were in last night pretty much played my entire iPod and there was a matchbox song as well as the song I put on my blog. hehehe Thanks!