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Friday, June 18, 2010

Soundtrack Friday

I finally watched the season finale of Glee. It's been sitting on my DVR for a few weeks because I didn't want to admit the show was over until fall. I'm glad I waited. I would have bawled even worse than I did last night if I had seen the show when it aired. And discussed it with friends who had seen it themselves.

Sure, the show is campy and sometimes tries too hard to make the plot fit the music. But it's fun and I can so relate to some of the kids who were not in with the in crowd.

In the finale, the kids of the New Directions show choir sing a tribute to their mentor and teacher, Will Schuester. That's when I completely lost it. The song they chose is from the 1967 breakout movie "To Sir With Love" and if you haven't seen that movie, stop reading this blog, log onto Netflix and rent it! The song is a moving tribute to a man who worked hard and tirelessly to help his students grow and succeed. The road was rough and strewn with obstacles, but at the end he brought people together. This is what Will Schuester did for the kids of New Directions. Before they begin to sing, each member of the show choir tell Will what they were before glee club. I almost lost it when Phin shared his part of the speech. And again as Will tears up. A third time when the love-to-hate Sue Sylvester walks in the shadows of the auditorium and even she has a tear in her eye. Yes, it was a weepfest.

Today I bring you Glee and To Sir with Love. I also bring you the original song from the movie. Both are worth your time.


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  1. I didn't see the movie. I also didn't cry at Glee (well, this episode). It was ok finale but not my favorite of the season. I do find the show a little inconsistent and hope its sophomore season is smoother. Seeing as they have a second and third season coming, I hope that will help story arcs and transitions.

    Good song though.