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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Power of Words

Words have power.

I hear this all the time. From fellow writers. From coaches. From religious figures. From motivational gurus. From experts in various fields. From parents. There is power in words.

I think about this as I write Mallory's story. And the question I ask myself most often while I make my way through the pages is this - am I using the right words to convey her story?

Mallory's story is an emotional one and I want to be sure it doesn't read as mellow drama. It would be a disservice to her and to any readers, should I get this published. So I struggle for the right words, and to have a conservancy of words as I tend to wax on and on about things. I also tend to put too many layers of description in the story. Or so I think. We'll see when it's finished.

As I struggle, I think of powerful words. Words that are crisp and sharp and cut to the heart of the matter. Words that are soft and warm and wrap the reader in a comforting embrace. Words that allude and words that leave no doubt as to their meaning. And I think about how I use words in real life. Words have power. When we tell ourselves something over and over again, we start to believe those words. If I tell myself I can't write Mallory's story, I won't write it. If I tell myself I'm not a good candidate for a job, I won't apply for it. If I tell myself I choose joy, then I start to look at my world a little differently.

And if I have all this power over myself, how do my words impact others? Am I using the right words to let my husband know just how much he means to me? And how thankful I am he is supportive of me? Do I tell my niece how unique and wonderful she is more than I sigh and tell her she needs to calm down? Do I use the right words with clients to help them dig deeper into their own purpose and power?

I am choosing to be more conscious of my words. While I am not responsible for how another may take my words, I am responsible for my choice of words.

How would your life be impacted if you were more conscious of your words?


  1. These are great words.
    I just subscribed to you blog recently. I think this blog will be of great inspiration to me. Thanks!

  2. Kari, thanks for stopping by. You can also add me to the blogs you follow if you like to read in a blog reader. :)

    Don't be shy about speaking up!

  3. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Hi Naomi, thanks for a great post. This was nice, the way you started with your fiction and transitioned to the larger picture of our lives.